Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here it is two days later and I'm just now finding time to sit and type awhile. Spent the day in an autism classroom as a substitute teacher. I've been with this class several times and the kids are just delightful. As a retired resource teacher I've had a few kids with autism, but not as severe as these so it was quite a change for me. But getting to know these kiddos and to work with them has been a wonderful experience.

September is almost gone; October is right around the corner. I love the slight crispness in the air late at night and early in the morning even though it's still hot during the day...this is Texas, after all. But with the fall weather comes the fall holidays - Halloween and Thanksgiving - along with football games, harvest festivals, and all things autumn. I love the fall colors - oranges, browns, yellows, reds with a hint of green still hanging around. I plan an autumn kit soon. Right now I'm finishing up a Halloween kit that I'll put in my store soon.
However, sometime in the next week I'll put a freebie up here for you to grab - maybe more than one.

In the meantime check out my Garden Fresh kit. Here's a preview of it...great for spring or summer layouts.

See you next time,

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