Friday, November 22, 2013

Just a few more days until the December "Winter Wonderland" train takes off! Lots of gorgeous kits being offered Dec. 1. Be sure to grab a ride at Pixel Scrapper.

Right now I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving! Lots of good eats in my future.  :)

It's finally getting to be winter here...of course in Texas that may not mean much. It could be in the 30s one day and 70s the next. The forecast is for 30s-40s all week, but we'll see. I saw snow forecast for Monday then bright sunshine two days later. Hope the rain clears up at least. Nothing puts a damper on Thanksgiving Day than rain and/or drizzle. If anything is drizzling, I want it to be gravy on my turkey and dressing!!!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

OK, I've been a little busy...but wait until you see all the great things coming!! The Pixel Scrapper December Blog Train is about to leave the station. Once again we have close to 40 designers creating some gorgeous kits with the Winter Wonderland theme. With traditional and non-traditional Christmas colors it promises to be one of the best trains yet.

Here's my part:

You'll be able to pick it up here on Dec. 1. Be sure to check back - I'll repost so it will be easy to find - then follow the blog list to get all the other parts of the kit. I'll be creating some add-ons for this one; but you better get them free while you can. After Dec. 31 it will all go in  my store.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and Christmas not far off, I need to get busy with my holiday baking! I love to bake for Christmas and give everyone cookies and candies. This year I plan to add a couple of  non-sweet goodies to the mix, and try to personalize each gift rather than give everyone the same things. We'll see how that turns out...depends on my time!!

Happy Holidays,

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I can't believe it's been over a week since I wrote anything!! Well, I guess I can - I've had to work three days this week so that leaves very little time for scrapping. I come home after dealing with little kids all day and I only want to fall into my chair and do nothing! But I'm getting my second wind and have a ton of things to get done - December blog train for Pixel Scrapper, challenges for goDigital Scrapbooking; working on heritage pages for Christmas gifts. Time's running short. On top of that I entered the Supreme Team Contest 16 at goDigital Scrapbooking which requires a lot of work, but is a lot of fun. [BTW, if you try the link to GDS and it gives you an error, try again later. We're moving to a new server and there will be outages off and on until it's finished.]

I had to drop out of the Survivor challenge - just not enough time - and abandon my "Layout a Day" since I had so much on my plate. But I'm hard at work getting elements created for the Winter Wonderland Blog Train at Pixel Scrapper and searching for a color palette and theme for the next collab for Dezines2Amaze. We had so much fun doing the first one that we decided we have to do another. We're collecting ideas right now in preparation for something after the first of the year.

If you enjoy progressive scraps, check out Digital Scrapbooking Studio on Nov. 10. This month's scrap begins that day. Just go to the forums and look for the challenges. goDigital has one going also and it's not too late to jump in. Again, just go to the forums and find the challenges.

I'm headed off to create a couple of freebies for you, so check back in a day or two to see what's here!

Happy scrapping,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now that the November train is underway I'm working on the December train and about to start a new collaboration with my designer buddies at Dezines2Amaze. Be sure to check out the great kits in our stores!! The new collab, Fall Fiesta, is there! You don't want to miss it!!

We're talking about a second collab for after the first of the year...can't wait to see what we come up with. In the meantime, hop on board the Vintage blog train and keep an eye out for the December train, Winter Wonderland.  The colors are awesome - a non-traditional Christmas palette. I'll have a preview of my part to show you soon.

If you are wanting to pick up some of my freebies, do it soon. I'll be putting many of them in my store in the next couple of weeks. Have to make room for more freebies and don't want these to get lost in the blog, never to be seen again. :)

Happy Scrapping,
LadyBug aka Linda

Friday, November 1, 2013

GOOD NEWS!! The Fall Fiesta Collab is in the store! Check it out...bright colors, lots of fun...great for scrapping parties, celebrations, special events, and just about anything else. We have freebies as well. Click on the preview to get to the store, then on the freebie previews to snag those.  By the way - the collab is on sale through the month of November, so grab it before the price goes up!!

Here are the previews of our freebies: